Lifestyle Instyle

Notes from Nancy
I loved the time I worked in the Fashion Industry. Everything was either In or Out! Mr. Black, the Sovereign of Best & Worst Dressed List was King. I saw the Food Industry transform; food became fashionable. Restaurants were Mecca’s of power lunches and places to be seen. Much like movie stars, Chefs and Restaurateurs became celebrities.

I especially like the food journalists and look forward to the trend reports of the fashionable foods and styles. In my own business, I can see tastes and styles emerge or fade. Often these styles become a full blown trend and eventually a lifestyle.

Trend Watch
The pendulum swings between two diverse design styles and cuisines. Nancy labels the two styles as InStyle and Green Style. ‘In Style’ is contemporary, edgy with hard lines. Design elements are slick, shiny, stainless, lacquer and glass. Green Style, on the other hand, is rustic, natural and organic. Design elements include rusted iron, wood and natural materials. All encompass the styles of eating and reflects the menus of Love and Garlic. Nancy will explore these trends, styles and menus on her World Cuisine page.

Nancy’s interprets the styles with her unique, stylish and fun application of design elements. InStyle at Love and Garlic utilizes new innovations such as ‘The Towers’, vertical displays of foods. Streamline and statuesque, guests circle the food stations picking ‘sticks’ of modern, lean foods and stylish appetizers, often individually plated, reflecting a new food styling trend. Rick created ‘The Impalers’, triangular stands with blades to ‘impale’ foods for display and eating and vertical poles to ‘impale’ fruits and vegetables. Check the Gallery for photos of these ‘extreme’ DesignStyles from Love and Garlic.

At the core of Love and Garlic’s Design Style is 'Euro Style'. Grand, voluptuous spreads of foods luxuriating on tables with brocades, rustic iron urns and baskets, tiered stands and marble and granite. Nancy was the first in California’s Central Valley to design ‘tablescapes’. Truly gorgeous foods, her food displays reflect modern and Old World ‘Euro Style’. Clients and guests know they can count on Nancy for a fresh and original approach to her catered events. Love and Garlic is always innovative. Nancy is truly an artist at work.

By far, the biggest LifeStyle trend is GreenStyle. Embodied everywhere, in design, menus and living, we are going green. Our ancestors invented GreenStyle. Everything was sustainable. recycled and organic. Parents, impacted by the Great Depression furthered a GreenStyle of living. Love and Garlic practices GreenStyle. We chuckle that our Nonie would smile as we utilize Old World cooking now considered ‘green’. We shop local, support resourceful cooking and operational methods. We trade with our artisan purveyors of foods, farmed and manufactured in California’s Central Valley.

We recycle, and offer “bio-sensible" disposables
Paper, plastic and cardboard is set aside at our garbage cans for our ‘neighborhood recyclers’. We offer biodegradable disposables. Even a simple idea as ‘car pooling’ is a standard when traveling to events. We are in earnest and want to contribute to the GreenStyle LifeStyle. Persevere we must as we will ‘sustain’ our community and its resources.