Artisan Foods

Love and Garlic Artisan Spreadables
Love and Garlic Spreadables are soft cheesy spreadables infused with garlic, herbs, vegetables, dried fruits and nuts. Designed for those people that love to get together, taste, compare flavors and have a good time. Spreadables are a great addition for cocktail parties, dinner parties, Holiday office parties,picnics or just plain snacking.
Available in Tasters Pacs, Spreadables 6oz Spread Pacs, and Party Food Pacs.

Available in 6 oz. $5.50
Dried Figs, Cream & Goat Cheese, Walnuts.
Pairs perfectly with:
Grilled Vegetables
Spread on Burgers
Garlic Crostini from Love & Garlic
Poached Pears, roasted figs
Toasted baguette and Prosciutto
Toasted Cinnamon wheat bagels

Available in 6 oz. $5.50
Artichoke, Lemon, Garlic, Cream & Goat Cheese.
Pairs perfectly with:
White wines (Sauvignon Blanc etc.)
Spread on wraps w/ Grilled Vegetables
Pair as an accompaniment for
Steamed Artichokes

Available in 6 oz. $5.50
Roasted Garlic Cloves, Cream, & Goat Cheese, Herbs, Olive Oil.
Pairs perfectly with:
Garlic Crostini from Love & Garlic
Grilled Vegetables
Spread on Burgers


MINI DUO Spreads with Crostini Breads
2-2oz. Spreads: Fig Walnut, Roasted Garlic, 12 Crostini.

LARGE DUO Spreads with Crostini Breads
2-6oz. Spreads- Fig Walnut, Lemon Garlic Artichoke, 24 Crostini.


Additional Crostini Pac: 36 Garlic Toasts

Party Food "Pacs" for groups of 25 more or less.
Give the gift of Love & Garlic’s wide variety of artisan crafted hors d’ oeuvres, hand crafted cannelloni, pumpkin ravioli, entrees for 10-12 persons and many other of the foods you love to eat. Take advantage of our holiday ‘Gift Card’ savings, $80 equals $100 until December 11, buy now and use later.

Perfect for house parties, family gatherings, retreats, holiday parties, and wine tastings.

To order, call Love and Garlic, 559, 438-8677

Mini Crostini Bar

A triple treat of spreads
roasted garlic, fig walnut,
lemon garlic artichoke
in small rounds (boule')
with hand crafted crostini toasts.

Mini "Pappa's Table
Mini Cheese Wheel

All local, artisan cheeses,
anti pasto of grilled vegetables,
local salami, olives, rustic breads.

Torta Rustica
Love & Garlic's Signature Rustic Pie

Rustic pie filled with Italian meats
& cheeses, baked in a vrioche crust.
A very nice finger food, savory
hand crafted and delicious roasted